Juniper - Incense Sticks Including Incense Holder

Juniper - Incense Sticks Including Incense Holder

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Juniper Incense fills your home with its woody, spicy, clean aroma, awakening and revitalising your senses. This form of smoke fragrance is perfect for purifying and cleansing purposes as it is created from a natural blend of spices and resins.

🌟 What's included:
🔥 37 premium incense sticks
🔮 Decorative ceramic holder

🌬️ How to Use:
1️⃣ Find a cozy spot in your favourite room.
2️⃣ Light one end of the incense stick until it glows – like lighting a tiny bonfire.
3️⃣ Gently blow out the flame, just like making a wish.
4️⃣ Place the ember-end of the incense stick into the holder – like planting a tiny tree in a magical forest.
5️⃣ Kick back, relax, and let the soothing fragrance whisk you away – imagine you're on a peaceful journey.

The colour of the packaging is only for reference and the actual colour may vary per product. 🛍️ Grab yours now and immerse yourself in the blissful aroma! 🌈✨

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