About Us

J Ting is an Australian premium retailer of candles, fragrances, jewellery, flowers and more.

We started our business in 2016 in the weekend markets. With all the different challenges, we have our first shop in Oxley in 2018 with a wide range of handmade fragrance product lines, including fresh floral arrangements, and have coffee and cake in our cafe!

At J Ting we put lots of time and love into all of our handmade products - including our candles, bath and shower products, and more - which have been curated and perfected through many years of practice. 

There’s sure to be a special something for everyone at J Ting.

Our online store is also the perfect place to browse for a little special something for yourself or someone you love!

Have a look through all the handmade products we offer in store from the comfort of your own home, and treat yourself to a home fragrance (or 2!), and some handmade, relaxing bath and shower products to help you unwind after a long day.