Jasmine Magnolia Soy Melts

Jasmine Magnolia Soy Melts

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Jasmine and Magnolia has a prominent smell of jasmine with a complement of magnolia. As these are both very tropical flowers the scent is mixed with an additional scent of melon, cucumber, and peach to create an uplifting scent that will transport you to the poolside surrounded by tropical flowers and fruits. The candle has a highly aromatic flowery perfume scent.

What is a soy melt

Soy melts are made with quality soy wax combined with delicious smelling perfume oils. They
are solid blocks of wax that can be melted to gently diffuse the perfume aroma. This makes them
a great alternative to essential oils. A packet of soy melts will burn for 8 hours.

How to use a soy melt

Put one to two pods into the top of a dry oil burner and light a tea light underneath. Ensure the oil
burner is somewhere stable. As the wax melts it will begin to emit the aroma of the perfume oil.
Blow out the tea light when finished.
The wax will then dry in the bottom of the dish and can be reused by simply lighting another tea
light or strokes for later in an air tight container. The soy wax can be reused until no more scent
is released.
Soy melts can also be used as natural air fresheners by placing it on a piece of baking paper or
aluminium foil in a small space of your choosing.
Unused wax should be kept in a sealed container to retain the scent.

Fragrance Specifics:

● The Jasmine & Magnolia fragrance is manufactured in Australia.
● No animal test.
● It is followed by the strictest global RIFM and IFRA standards.


● Do not put hot max directly on skin.
● Keep candle out of reach of children and pets.
● Keep oil burners in stable positions away from where it may easily be knocked over.
● Do not leave wax in the car during summer as it will melt in the heat.

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